Colts Presentation Day – Team Attendance Schedule

Presentation Day will be at the MacKillop Oval clubhouse on Sunday 12th December. Teams should arrive between 10 and 15 minutes before their allotted times and wait on the oval facing side of the clubhouse. QR Code sign in is required as is mask wearing inside the clubhouse (unless you have an exemption). Its highly recommended that that only 1 parent per player attend inside the clubhouse. Teams will enter from the oval facing side, have their trophies/awards presented and then leave via the exit on the car park side of the clubhouse. Yearbook and Photos will be provided to the team manager or coach to distribute after leaving the clubhouse.

We appreciate everyone’s patience regarding adherence to the current COVID restrictions. Hopefully presentation day in 2022 will return to normal at the Davistown RSL.

If you have any questions relating to presentation day please contact your team manager or coach or alternatively you can e-mail

Colts Team Presentation Schedule 2021


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