Colts Registration Packages for Season 2020

The Kincumber Colts have a rich history of Rugby League. We are a successful family friendly club where players of all ages and abilities are welcome.

The Colts Juniors are happy to announce their Registration packages for season 2020.

Mini’s                                      U5 – U9         $145

Mod’s                                      U10 – u12      $180

International                            U13 – U17     $180

Girls League Tag                    U14 & U16    $180

Girls Tackle                             U14 & U16    $180

Girls League Tag & Tackle      U14 & U16    $200


We are offering $160 discount for girls wanting to play both League Tag & Tackle. Normally $360 now $200 after the $160 discount

We are also happy to confirm that all packages for season 2020 come with Shorts, Socks, Polo, Training T-Shirt & Training Shorts

For Girls wanting to play both League Tag and Tackle, please register for one and then e-mail either the Colts Registrar at or Secretary at confirming you want to play both and we will e-mail you a discount voucher to be used online for the other.

Please remember that if you have used your Active Kids vouchers for 2019, you will need to wait until January to reapply and then register with the Colts.

Need Help Registering for Season 2020

The NRL have provided a short video instruction to help people register to play Rugby League with their local clubs.

Make sure you double click on the video post to go full screen to make for better viewing

Colts Registrations for Season 2020 opens on Monday 2nd December 2019

There are few changes from last season as registrations have moved to a new database which will be aligned with NRL.COM

All members/registrations will require an NRL.COM account to register. If you have ever been part of NRL.COM tipping or NRL Fantasy Tipping then you should already have an account.

 How do I create an NRL.COM account

  1. Go to
  2. If you already have an account then enter your e-mail address and password at the login screen and after logging in review your profile details
  3. If you believe you have an account but are unsure of your password, select the Forgot Password link and a reset link will be emailed to you
  4. If you don’t have an account you can create one by clicking on SIGN UP

Note: Your Registration login ID and password from previous seasons is not linked to an NRL.COM account. This means you will need to create one by clicking on SIGN UP after going to

 How do I Register to play with the Colts in Season 2020

From Monday 2nd December 2019 you can go to Register at Kincumber Colts Junior Rugby League and then follow the options for registering.

Please remember that if you don’t already have a NRL.COM account, you will need to create one as part of the registration process.

Active Kids Voucher
If you intend using your active kids voucher please ensure you apply for one from
There are 2 Active Kids vouchers per year. Voucher 1 runs Jan – Dec and Voucher 2 Jul – Dec. You can only use one voucher per sport. If you have already used both your vouchers in 2019 you will need to wait until January 2020 to reapply again and then register to play with the Colts


Presentation Day kicks off at 10am at Davistown RSL.

Free sausage sandwich and can of drink for all registered players

Draw up to R16 dont forget changes may occur see our Facebook Page for changes or my league app

CCDJRL – 2019 Draw

2019 Draw R1 – R3

CCDJRL – 2019 Draw

Under 18’s to be re-scheduled R1 due to Rep Commitments



Any player needing to apply for dispensation, must now use the new DISPENSATION FORM – located in our Documents tab at the top of the page. This applies when you have requested to move or leave our Club & you have been denied. Please see below the newly introduced ruling from the CCDJRL that apply from this season.

Rule 1. Only 2 players (previously 3) from any age group from one Club can transfer in one season to another club in the said age group – (this is determined by the DOB).

Rule 2. The top 4 teams from the previous season in 1st Div Mod & International will NOT be eligible to receive transfers. Any other transferred players in the same club but lower division will NOT   be eligible to play up in the Div 1 team.

Should you feel you have a worthy case to move to our Club, Please contact Mel or Nicola so we can check Division Records. Your Dispensation Forms must be lodged before for the 1st meeting Saturday 9th Feb.

If you require any assistance completing your forms or have any inquiries, please contact Mel Montgomery (041946431) or Nicola Oldfield (0403752717) at your earliest.