Player Development Framework – Changes to our game in 2023

The Tackle Ready Program for Under 7s will be facilitated by Tackle Ready Deliverers at our Club during Under 7s training.  It is a 6-week structured program which takes the players through safe tackling technique.  Post 1st June the League will host an Under 7s Tackle Gala Day and the remainder of the season will be played as tackle.

Development Competitions will be phased in over the next 3 years where in 2025 it will represent ages U6 – U12.

Q. Why are these changes being implemented in 2023

A. Participation numbers are on the decline with statistics supporting that our game is not growing in NSW like other sports. The Player Development Framework was implemented in QLD in 2019 with statistics showing a clear increase in participation across all junior age groups. Extensive research over the past 4 years supports this Framework as best practice and will aid the growth of our game. 

Q. What are the primary Objectives of the framework

A. Attract and retain participation, Foster Personal Development, Transition and nurture performance

Q. Why Tag Rugby League

A. Alleviates concerns regarding player safety, negates issues relating to differences in size, encourages more kids to try Rugby League at an early age, provides a less intimidating start for smaller children and gives kids the time to learn the basics without the complexities involved with tackling.

Q. Why Development Competitions

A. Provides an inclusive environment, delays early specialisation, reduces a pressurised environment, better caters for varied development levels, improves sideline behaviour and creates a more positive environment, allows coaches to focus more on development as opposed to just winning.

Q. Where can I find more information about the changes and player development framework

Player Development Framework Overview – an overview of the Framework, changes and timelines for implementation

Full Development Framework Document with Statistics – comprehensive details of the framework with statistics

Player Development Framework Presentation Video – presentation by James Hinchey, NRL General Manager of Game Development and Education

Media Release 5th October 2022 regarding changes to Community Rugby League – Brad Fittler and Kylie Hilder support changes

Brad Fittler Video – What you need to know about Community Rugby League in 2023 – video released 14th October 2022


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