Any player needing to apply for dispensation, must now use the new DISPENSATION FORM – located in our Documents tab at the top of the page. This applies when you have requested to move or leave our Club & you have been denied. Please see below the newly introduced ruling from the CCDJRL that apply from this season.

Rule 1. Only 2 players (previously 3) from any age group from one Club can transfer in one season to another club in the said age group – (this is determined by the DOB).

Rule 2. The top 4 teams from the previous season in 1st Div Mod & International will NOT be eligible to receive transfers. Any other transferred players in the same club but lower division will NOT   be eligible to play up in the Div 1 team.

Should you feel you have a worthy case to move to our Club, Please contact Mel or Nicola so we can check Division Records. Your Dispensation Forms must be lodged before for the 1st meeting Saturday 9th Feb.

If you require any assistance completing your forms or have any inquiries, please contact Mel Montgomery (041946431) or Nicola Oldfield (0403752717) at your earliest.

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